Skilled and Advanced Wooden Architecture




Opening Ceremony and Workshop Explanation

Takenaka Carpentry Museum Tour

Traditional Japanese Wooden Architecture Tour (Horyu-ji, Toshodai-ji,Yakushi-ji etc)

Location:Takenaka Carpentry Museum

On the first day, we will visit mock-ups of the traditional architecture of temples and tea rooms which are on display at the Takenake Carpentry Tools Museum in Kobe, accompanied by lectures by experts on carpentry tools and their usage. After that, we will travel to Nara to visit Horyuji and Kofukuji, which are actual traditional wooden Japanese buildings, accompanied by a commentary. We have a welcome party planned at night to deepen friendships among participants and tutors.

Takenaka Carpentry Museum Exhibition Space

Horyu-ji Temple



Using the essence of traditional wood construction,create 3D model of a wood pavillion under the instruction of tutors and evaluate the model using various simulations

Location:Takenaka Corporation Osaka Headquater

From the second day to the fifth day, in the large hall on the first floor of Takenaka Corporation's Osaka head office in Osaka, we will divide into teams and model a parametric "tower" with Grasshopper which utilizes the essence of traditional wooden buildings. Through various simulations and optimization of structure and environment, we will grasp the characteristics of traditional wooden buildings, as well as obtaining the skills necessary for integrated preliminary design. On the fifth day, we will conduct a review session to determine the final plans for production.

Osaka City and Osaka Castle

Takenaka Corporation Osaka Headquarter



Create Model to output and process the created model and output the components

Location:Takenaka Carpentry Museum

From the sixth day to the ninth day, we will actually modularize the models we created on the fifth day. We will divide into teams according to the section of the tower, and prepare models and plans for output which include the information necessary to actually fabricate them from the design model. While receiving guidance from carpenters, we will prepare the components,  taking into consideration the characteristics of both components manufactured by hand and those manufactured using machines such as NC cutters.

Takenaka Corporation Osaka Headquarter

Yoshino Tour



Cleverly assemble the components in order.

Location:Takenaka Carpentry Museum

From the 10th to the 12th day, we will assemble the components we have prepared. We will assemble them under the guidance of carpenters and experts, thinking about the methods and sequence of assembly, and by carrying out adjustments between the components, we will experience the workability advantages and the high degree of difficulty of traditional wooden buildings.



Final Presentation

Location:Takenaka Carpentry Museum

On the final day, we will hold a review session on the completed towers. We will deepen the discussion from various perspectives, and at night, we have planned a closing party.


Skilled and Advanced Wooden Architecture


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